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Signs Your Servo Equipment Is in Need of Repair

Signs Your Servo Equipment Is in Need of Repair

Your servo equipment is crucial, so you need it to stay in excellent working condition. After all, you can't run your setup without it. That's why it's imperative to take the steps necessary to keep your servo equipment running and in good health. Don't forget to inspect and clean your servo equipment regularly as well. To make sure you know when to take action, here are some signs your servo equipment is in need of repair.

It's Making Lots of Noise

Noise coming from your servo machines means it's time to take a look at them. Excessive noise is never a good sign for servo equipment, so make sure you get a professional involved as soon as you hear an issue. A noisy servo machine can result from:

  • Worn-out bearings

  • A worn-out keyway

  • A misplaced shaft

  • Malfunctioning fans

As a rule of thumb, always take action when you hear irregular noises coming from your servo equipment.

It's Drawing High Amps

Servo equipment should not draw excessive amps from your system. If this occurs, it's a sign that your gear has internal issues. You could also have a winding failure or an overall equipment failure occur at any time. Take extreme caution if you see your equipment drawing high amps and contact someone for repairs immediately.

Physical Damage

There are lots of reasons why your servo equipment may suffer physical damage. Reasons include:

  • Forklift damage

  • Employee errors and mistakes

  • Dropping other equipment onto your servo gear

Whatever the reason may be, you don't want damaged servo equipment running in your system. If you’re not aware of these signs your servo equipment is in need of repair, that could mean harm for employees, failed projects, and more!

If your servo equipment suffers physical damage, remove it from your system. From there, go about calling someone for repairs or inspect your equipment for issues.


Your servo equipment is not invincible, and you can't run it 24/7. If you run your equipment for long periods at high currents, you're asking for trouble. Your equipment has a rated capacity for how long it can run. If you exceed this recommendation, you risk shortening the life of your servo equipment.

Lack of Preventative Maintenance

Your servo equipment needs regular maintenance to work correctly. It should be cleaned and cared for regularly. Regular testing is also a must. A preventative inspection will handle all of these procedures. Your technician will also replace all contaminated and damaged components in your system. If you want to keep your servo equipment for a long time, regular inspections are essential.

Trying to figure out who to trust and where to turn to? At CNC Service Company, we're your #1 source for servo amp repair. We won’t just fix the problem; we’ll clean and improve it for the future, too!

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