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HAAS Vector Drive Repairs & Exchanges


CNC Service Company offers professional HAAS vector drive repairs and exchanges to suit our clients’ needs. With fast lead times and same-day shipping, we do everything we can to ensure your production operations are up and running in no time. Whenever we get a HAAS vector drive that needs repair, we do not just fix or replace the problem component. We will fully rebuild, recondition, and clean each product to ensure it is completely ready for operation. If the part number you require is not in our database, please contact us. We will gladly research the availability of the products and suggest alternative ways to get your HAAS vector drive repaired.


Model: 93-32-5558D

HAAS 40HP Vector Drive
$1950 - Exchange
$1500 - Repair


Model: 93-32-5559D

HAAS 20HP Vector Drive
$1600 - Exchange

$1250 - Repair


Model: 93-69-1010

HAAS 40/30 Vector Drive
$1950 - Exchange

$1500 - Repair


Model: 93-69-1000

HAAS 20/15HP Vector Drive

$1700 - Exchange
$1250 - Repair

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