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What Is a Haas Vector Drive and What Is It Used For?

What Is a Haas Vector Drive and What Is It Used For?

A vector drive is ideal for your motor. It gives you unprecedented control over the rotor. But not just any vector drive will do—Haas has developed a superior vector drive for its spindle systems. If you're a machinist, you may favor this over others for many reasons. This blog will break down what a Haas vector drive is and what it’s used for.

Understanding Vector Control

First, we'll need to define vector control and why it's an excellent option for motors. A lot of confusion lies around vector control and what it does. To clear things up, here's a clear distinction between vector control and scalar control.

  • Scalar control is akin to walking your dog on a leash. You don't have exact control over where your rotor goes, but you have a general idea. Your inverter will supply your motor with a voltage and frequency. In turn, the engine responds to those inputs, giving you limited control over the rotor.

  • Vector control is more akin to controlling a video game character with a joystick. You have complete and total control over where the rotor goes. If you move the joystick, the character moves along with you. That's how vector control works, and it's why it's so popular.

Haas Vector Drives

A Haas vector drive uses vector control over your spindle system's motor. Your vector drive is the source of power for your spindle motor and your servo amplifiers. Haas vector drives come in three available sizes. They are:

  • 20 horsepower

  • 40 horsepower

  • 60 horsepower

Select the appropriate horsepower based on the needs of your project. You also need to know what you'll be cutting with your lathe ahead of time. That way, you can make sure you have the right amount of horsepower to get the job done.

Obtaining Control

Your vector drive will take three-phase power from the main transformer. With a Haas vector drive, you can achieve total control over your spindle speed and velocity. You should use a Haas vector drive if you want complete and precise control over your spindle system—and thus more accurate control over your machine!

There you have it—a general look at what a Haas vector drive is and what it is used for! If your vector drive or CNC machine goes faulty, don’t hesitate to turn to us. You can always rely on us at the CNC Service Company for a repair or a Haas vector drive exchange. We don’t just fix it—we clean and improve it.

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